Ordering Information

I belong to two artisans cooperatives where I sell my work:

Sign of the Dove
26 White Street (Porter Square Marketplace)
Cambridge, MA 02140

Clever Hand Gallery
52 Central Street
Wellesley, MA 02482

If you saw my work at one of these places, please pay the store for your order. Small local businesses, especially artists’ cooperatives, need your support!


If you live outside the area and would like to have the order shipped, Alphabet Animals can be ordered through the Clever Hand Gallery’s website.  You should also contact me directly at ediewand@verizon.net with any special instructions.

Please provide the following information when you order:

Customer name:
phone number and email

Child’s name:
Boy or Girl
Age and/or Date of Birth

For NAME SIGNS, choose an animal:

Bears   Dogs   Elephants    Mice     Monkeys   Penguins   Rabbits    Assorted

Prices:The base price for a NAME SIGN is $65.00

3 letters $65.00       7 letters $85.00
4 letters $70.00       8 letters $88.00
5 letters $75.00       9 letters $90.00
6 letters $80.00

Frame: Maple   Espresso (dark wood)   White wood

Maple frames are usually in stock. Allow extra time for Espresso or White

Shipping address (if different from your own). Shipping is $16.00 per address. Gift wrapping is free. Please include the message for the card!

Special Instructions, including colors to use/not use and letter choices:

INITIALS feature a single animal, a large letter and the child’s name in small letters.  The price is $52.00 regardless of the length of the name. Shipping for Initials is $10.00 per address.

If you have questions, you can reach me at ediewand@verizon.net or 781-646-9629.

Edie Allen