Letter Choices for Name Signs

A = accordion, acorn, airplane, angel, apples, arrow, artist

B = baseball bat, bell, blocks, book, butterfly

C = calendar, carpenter, carrot, (toy) cars, cheese, cook

D = daisies, dinosaurs, duck

E = Earth, eggs (in shells or cooked), (toy) elephant, envelope (personalized with the child’s name and a little stamp)

F = firefighter, fish

G = garden, (toy) giraffe, goldfish, guitar

H = hat, hammer, hobby horse, hockey, hula hoop

I = ice cream, insects, Ireland (or any other country or state beginning with I)

J = jar, jack-in-the-box, jet, jersey (can be personalized with a special number, team name, etc. if it’s short), jewelry, juggler, jump rope, jet, January, June, July.

K = keys, kite, king 

L = leaves, love, lollipop, letter (similar to envelope), letters (slate with XYZ or letters of your choice), ladder

M = mittens, mask, music (guitar, recorder, trumpet, saxophone and/or musical notes), mail (similar to envelope and letter), marbles, map (any state or country),mirror, moon, March, May.

N = nightgown/nightshirt, necktie, necklace, (musical) notes,  nest, numbers (slate with 123 or numbers of your choice), November

O = oranges, origami, overalls, oar,  October 

P = puppet, pumpkin, package, piggy bank, princess 

Q = queen, quilt

R = raincoat, recycling, recorder, radio, reader, robot

S = stars, scarf, snow, string, saw, scooter, skateboard, sunshine, saxophone, soccer, scissors, September

T = truck, turtle, trumpet, teddy bear, tambourine, train, telephone, teapot

U = umbrella, uniform (can be personalized with a special number or team name if it’s short), unicorn

V = valentine, vase, vest, volley ball, van

W = watering can, watermelon, wagon, wheelbarrow, wastebasket, wizard 

X = xylophone 

Y = yo-yo, yarn, yacht (toy sailboat

Z = zipper, (toy) zebra, zinnias, zucchini