Welcome to Alphabet Animals

Alphabet Animals make unique personalized gifts for babies and children (and even the occasional adult or pet). Edie Allen creates little paper animals – bears, dogs, elephants, hamsters, mice, monkeys, pandas, penguins pigs and rabbits- and gives them familiar objects to illustrate a child’s name.  All Alphabet Animals are framed, custom-made works of art.


Alphabet Animals are available as Name Signs, with an animal illustrating each letter of a child’s name…


NOAH animal sign

NOAH – N for notes, O for overalls, A for alligator, H for hat


MIA name sign with rabbits



…or as Initials with a single large letter and the child’s name in smaller letters. Look carefully at the animals’ shirts; they have items that begin with the letter too.


A for Archie has an airplane, apples, ants and an astronaut shirt.
M for Mason has music, a monkey, mittens, and a monster shirt.


Initials can include things that don’t begin with the letter as well. The customer who ordered the Serena initial plays the ukulele.